September News

What up yall,

I hope everyone's family and friends are all doing well. Just wanted to check back in and throw out some stuff just in case you missed the last couple of meetings. Also, we are back to posting our own meeting minute notes from the labor/command meetings under the documents tab. We have been working on finding an easy solution, but the last meeting minutes were very poor. B Wright posted those this evening as well. 

9/11 memorial

This years remembrance may have looked and felt different, but I think was a great remembrance ceremony given the times we are in. Thank you to all the guys that helped out and were a part of this. Chavez, excellent job on the video brother! Here is the link if you guys have not seen it. 

Fire Investigator's 

A brief update on fire Investigations and shift investigators. COVID19 and budget issues clearly put a stop on a lot of things including this, but as of right now the intent of the FD is to still build a shift fire investigator program. We recently requested what the status of this was and what the FD's intentions were for proceeding. Myers, Seacrist, and Ferguson have been working on some information gathering and getting some ideas together on the direction of the program. Chief Smith is the lead for Command Staff and we recently met with him to get things back on track. We've reached a stopping point with informal talks with management, and now we have asked to formally meet and confer with the over the duties, responsibilities, and working conditions. Thanks to the guys for their hard work, they definitely have put a lot of time and effort into this and we still have a ways to go. We should have some updates for the group by the next union meeting.

Lexipol Policies

We have a lot of newer guys, but if you did not know, we have a policies and procedures committee that works with the E-board to represent the PSFA when management wants to meet and confer over new policies. Scott Hernandez has been the lead on this from our end. Currently, the uniform policy is up and the next will likely be the personal appearance policy since they sort of go together. There has been a lot of back and forth on this, as I am sure you heard some of the rumors floating around out there about wearing of polo's, job-shirts, and badge-shirts. There have been some disagreements with management over some of those items, but I feel we have been successful in getting them to lay off on some of the issues we had. More to come once we get closer to a final product.


Our Political Action Committee has also been very busy and engaged in our local political arena. These guys have been instrumental in navigating a very difficult path of issues. While frustrating at times, it is a very important aspect of keeping our voice heard and a seat at the table. Over the last month, I've worked with PAC on drafting a strong message of where we stand as firefighters in the City. I have personally been addressing these issues directly with each of our City Council, and it really feels like we are making some progress. I had a good conversation with Mayor Kors this last week. I am hopeful that next meeting the Mayor will propose setting up some sort of a "Fire Department standing committee" that will finally give us and the Fire Chief to an avenue to address the FD issues, there have been way too many roadblocks and hurdles. Ultimately, the Fire Chief needs to carry the water. We (PSFA) have done our part, we have been consistent in our message, and it is time to see some movement from our City leadership and to keep their end of the deal. 

E-board elections

Keep an eye out for upcoming ballot box at fire station 2. We will get a reminder out the week of.

I feel obligated to say it again, but thank you to Scott Hernandez for his time served on the E-board. A lot of time goes into things behind the scene, and much of that is spent while at work and off duty. Scott sacrificed a lot of his time to be a part of this local, to work towards bettering our FD. Scott was instrumental with our transition to the Lexipol policy/procedures program, and he spent a lot of time working with our labor attorney and management to get this off the ground and running. Please take a moment to show him so gratitude when you can.

Keep grindin.


PSFA Local 3601